8/12…King Daniel returns to his throne as #1 Avid Fan ranking!

10 08 2012

The Wall of Fame for Avid Fans!  Will one day you too find yourself on this lovely wall?

Holy Toledo! I can’t even begin to explain how wonderful and motivating this picture is. I am more avid because of it. Congrats Dan on reigning supreme once again:)

Mr. Jon Clegg is an outlandish example of an avid fan. He gave up a shot in the NBA because he’d rather use his jumping skills for avid pursuits. Thank god he has good knees!
One of the most outrageous displays of Avid Fandom I’ve ever seen
Being an Avid Fan for the A’s is as good as it gets (note that someone else is just about to get avidly going next to him too)
The hottest Avid Fan I’ve ever seen. I think she jumped off this bridge moments after this picture in pure excitement!
Another one of the most extreme Avid Fans I’ve ever met
Look, now he’s even in the air! The ground can’t even contain his avidness
Bringing a little bit of the jazz hands style to the Avid Fan
That’s right! You two now, be AVID!
Avid Fans can sometimes get so out of control that you have to hold them from bursting with utter out of control avidness.
This one couldn’t even walk and needed to be carried around because he was such an Avid Fan!
You know you’ve met a super intense Vegas Avid Fan when you can see mostly all the way down his throat.
A total and utter loss of good time control and giving in completely to our inner Avid Fan
Was on his way to becoming an Avid Fan
Ahhhhhhh Avid Fan with the man stuck in the wall
C’mon raise those arms up and let the other half of your avid self out!
This man is so avid that he is often hard to completely catch on camera
This is the kind of enthusiasm that the Avid Fan takes to eating cookies
And the most out of control, insane Avid Fan of them all is little baby goat!…You don’t even know how it went down when we were watching him jump on and off stumps



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