8/1…Reclaiming Travel article and response…(Found in What is Over There?)

1 08 2012

Please see the amazing article here on the benefits of being a nomad and my response is below it

Reclaiming Travel by Ilan Stavans and Joshua Ellison


Lyon Keating:

This was an awesome read and hit on all the points that I would express myself.  My personal addition would be that I travel because I know no other.  I shake my leg constantly when I am sitting.  I practically move myself to sleep at night.  Having grown up in a boring suburb (yes, it had it’s perks with being safe and whatnot) I have so many memories of being bored.  Hence why I threw myself so aggressively into sports at a young age.  I never want to be bored again and I actually get bored quite easily.  Usually no matter what it is, I can’t handle it doing it in excess.  I strive for balance.  I feel comfortable when moving and I feel like I am doing something and learning.  Sports is a great outlet because when I can’t move or travel it allows for me to re-direct that feeling somewhat.  I can’t sit still.  I have learned that my life will be all about hop, skips and jumps and this is what brings me meaning and happiness.





4 responses

1 08 2012
Barbara Keating

I so remember when you were 10 or 11 and we were both bored on a summer afternoon so we decided to paint the mailbox! We got sponges and green and white paint and did a bang up job! Killed 30 minutes at least! 🙂
And yes, you were born bored until you could ride your bike….right before kindergarten! Then you were happy and a changed child! 🙂

1 08 2012

Haha I so remembering painting the mailbox. Yeah I’d say two big memories of childhood were the first time I rode a bike and dad letting go and sprinting behind me and wobbling around and not realizing he let go, and my first drive to C section in Rohnert Park by myself after I got my license which was of one of the most ultimate exhilarating feelings I’ve ever felt.

1 08 2012
Matt Keating

I think you just might have a combination of restless leg syndrome and ADHD

2 08 2012

Ha! Oh no doubt:)

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